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Toxguard Fluid Technologies entered the recycling market in 1993 with the introduction of the RO technology to Mobile Antifreeze Recycling in the Los Angeles basin.  Currently, we have moved toward pick up of waste under the Consolidated Manifest type of waste pick up.  The waste coolant is processed by distillation to provide near virgin quality ethylene glycol.  The redistilled EG is them blended with demineralized water and industry standard chemical inhibitors are added to conform to the type of antifreeze/coolant the clients desire for various engine types.

Toxguard uses the following inhibitor technologies to offer our clients the type of chemistry needed to provide engine cooling system protection in various engine manufacturers including both Automotive and Heavy Duty applications:

BTFFCA, green or fucia………… this to automotive green conventional, fully formulated heavy duty products like older GM™, Ford™, DDC™, CAT™ and other older green antifreezes/coolants

BTNMOAT, red/orange or strawberry red…………… this to GM™, CAT™(EC-1™), Navistar-International™ and other organic acid type chemistries used in antifreeze/coolants.

BTHOAT, typically amber or yellow………………compare this to FORD™, Chrysler (orange), Fleetguard/Cummins and other hybrid type antifreeze/coolants.

BTNN80, can be yellow, orange, red-orange…………….compare this to the latest FORD™ (dark green), DDC™ (Powercool Plus™), John Deere™ (Coolgard II™) and other nitrite, amine, nitrate, phosphate and silicate free type antifreeze/coolants.

Toxguard ready to use coolant is laboratory tested regularly to assure that our products meet our clients as well as industry standards.

Toxguard provides technical support to our clients in the form of:

  • Regular training for our fleet technicians.
  • Answers to our clients questions regarding which coolant applies to each and every type of manufacturers requirements.
  • Networking the industry for the latest information on technology and manufacturers updates.
  • Membership in the ASTM D-15 Committee.
  • Unsurpassed and prompt service delivering the finest quality products even with limited notice.